VSG supports several predefined styles. They can be used with the –style command line option.

The table below lists the built in styles available




Only applies indent rules


Coding style preferred by Jeremiah Leary

Style Descriptions


This style only applies indenting rules.

This style attempts to improve readability by:

  • Indenting

    • 2 spaces


This style was in affect before the 2.0.0 release. It maintains the same style as new rules are added.

This style attempts to improve readability by:

  • Emphasising non vhdl identifiers by capitalizing them.

    • entity names

    • architecture names

    • ports

    • generics

    • etc…

  • Blank lines added between major items

    • processes

    • if statements

    • case statements

  • Alignments

    • :’s over entire entities, components, instantiations, etc…

    • <=’s over groups of sequential statements

    • inline comments within processes, architecture declarative regions, etc…

  • Indenting

    • 2 spaces

  • Structure

    • No single line sequential statements using the when keyword

    • No code after the case when statements

    • Split if/elsif/else/end if into separate lines

    • Removing comments from instantiation and component ports and generics

    • No more than two signals can be declared on a single line

Adjusting built in styles

The built in styles provide several examples of how VHDL code can be formatted to improve readability. This is by no means the only way. The styles can be modified using the –configuration option.

Follow these steps to adjust the styles to the local flavor:

  1. Pick a style that is close to yours

  2. Create a configuration to modify the rules which must change

  3. Use the style and configuration to analyze your code


Let us assume the jcl style matches 95% of the desired style. The only differences are:

  • The entity identifier is always lower case

  • Indenting is three spaces instead of two

Create a configuration with the following:

    indent_size: 3
    case: lower

Then use the style and configuration together:

$ vsg --style jcl --configuration my_config.yaml -f fifo.vhd