Rule groups allow for easier configuration of rules that perform similar functions. Using rule groups can make upgrading VSG versions easier as new rules are added.

The following is a list of the rule groups:

Group Description
alignment Horizontal alignment rules.
blank_line Vertical alignment rules.
case All rules involving lower and upper casing.
case::keyword Casing rules for VHDL keywords.
case::label Casing rules for labels.
case::name Casing rules for identifiers, etc…
length Rules restricting length.
indent Rules involving line indents.
naming Rules for constraining how identifiers etc.. are named.
structure Rules dictating the structure of the code.
structure::optional Rules for optional VHDL language items.
whitespace Rules for managing whitespace.


Groups with double colons (::) are considered subgroups. This allows for finer control of group rules.

For example, the case of keywords, labels and names can be set independently.

Configuring Groups

Refer to the section Configuring a Rule Group for information on how to configure rule groups.