Configuring Concurrent Procedure Call Statement Rules

There are rules which will check indent and formatting of constraints as part of a concurrent_procedure_call_statement:

concurrent_procedure_call_statement ::=
    [ label : ] [ postponed ] procedure_call ;

procedure_call ::= procedure_name [ ( actual_parameter_part ) ]

actual_parameter_part ::= parameter_association_list

association_list ::=
    association_element { , association_element }

association_element ::=
    [ formal_part => ] actual_part

There are separate rules for the structure of the constraint and the indenting. Both rules are required to ensure proper formatting of concurrent procedure call statements.

There are several options to the structure rules:

Option Symbol Values Structural Element Default Value Description
first_open_paren green_diamond add_new_line, remove_new_line, ignore opening parenthesis remove_new_line
  • The setting add_new_line enforces a carriage return (alias “new line”) [and, consequently by indentation rules kicking in, also (indirectly) enforces the indentation of the new line]
  • The setting remove_new_line enforces the removal of any potential space and carriage return
  • The setting ignore disables the option and hence no formatting check is done at all: spaces and new lines can be anything
last_close_paren red_penta_star add_new_line, remove_new_line, ignore closing parenthesis remove_new_line
association_element orange_triangle add_new_line, remove_new_line, ignore association element remove_new_line
association_list_comma purple_hexa_star remove_new_line, ignore comma remove_new_line

The following figure illustrates where the options will be applied in an concurrent procedure call.


The following configuration replicates the above code snippet.

rule :
     first_open_paren : 'remove_new_line'
     last_close_paren : 'add_new_line'
     association_list_comma : 'remove_new_line'
     association_element: 'add_new_line'


All examples use the above configuration.

Example: first_open_paren set to add_new_line

Setting the first_open_paren option to remove_new_line will result in the following formatting:

    enabled => true,
    sequence => "test_001",
    logging => "full"

Example: last_close_paren set to remove_new_line

Setting the last_close_paren option to remove_new_line will result in the following formatting:

    enabled => true,
    sequence => "test_001",
    logging => "full");

Example: association_element set to remove_new_line

Setting the association_element option to remove_new_line will result in the following formatting:

test_harness(enabled => true, sequence => "test_001", logging => "full"

Rules Enforcing Procedure Call Structure